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Links for June 30th, 2008

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  • 1-800-MAGIC: Back to Microsoft - Sergey Solyanik writes about why he left Google to go back to Microsoft. Lots of interesting points, but this is amusing: “First, I love multiple aspects of the software development process. I like engineering, but I love the business aspects no less. I can’t write code for the sake of the technology alone - I need to know that the code is useful for others, and the only way to measure the usefulness is by the amount of money that the people are willing to part with to have access to my work [my emphasis]. Sorry open source fanatics, your world is not for me!”

Links for June 18th, 2008

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Links for June 10th, 2008

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  • [Phoronix] Ubuntu, Fedora, Mandriva Performance Compared - “Last week we released Phoronix Test Suite 1.0 and one of the article requests we received as a result was to do a side-by-side comparison between the popular desktop Linux distributions. Ask and you shall receive. Today we have up 28 test results from Ubuntu 8.04, Fedora 9, and Mandriva 2008.1.”
  • Vienna failed to migrate to GNU/Linux: why? - “The City of Vienna made several crucial mistakes. In this article, I will list the most prominent ones…”

Links for May 13th, 2008

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  • Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE and OpenSolaris Community Managers — A Radio Free Software Interview - Barton, Fedora, Glynn Foster, Jono Bacon, Karsten Wade - “Barton moderates a discussion between Karsten Wade of Fedora, Jono Bacon of Ubuntu, Zonker Brockmeier of OpenSUSE and Glynn Foster of OpenSolaris. (44:08)”
  • Ubuntu landed on Berlin metro system | Screenage - “The guys from “Berliner Fenster”, a company responsible for the content of the television system installed inside underground vehicles (more than 3.700 displays) were so kind (thank you!) providing us with a spot for our release party this Saturday for free. So just on time with the release starting from today there are small spots viewable by an audience of about 1.5 million people per day according to their web site.” See pictures of the ad.
  • » Ubuntu in Vermist - “we present to you the Belgian movie Vermist where police detectives apparently use Ubuntu as their operating system of choice…”
  • iTWire - Why we love Ubuntu Linux (or maybe we don’t) - “Ubuntu had all the signs of being the most unifying and popular Linux distro of all time, but on the other I kept finding people grumbling about it. On reflection, the grumbles may be because Ubuntu has been so massively hyped that the reality can be disappointing when compared to expectations. Perhaps Ubuntu has made itself a victim by virtue of its own marketing…”
  • Why Brazil Loves Linux : Gustavo Duarte - “These markets are also friendly towards Linux and pose significant challenges for Microsoft. This post is my take on the reasons for Brazil’s fondness of Linux. I speak for Brazil since I was born and raised there, but I think much of this applies to the other BRIC countries and emerging markets in general.”

Links for May 11th, 2008

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  • Digg - Official Booze of the Ubuntu distro?
  • Unixfication II | Between the Lines | - “Can the Linux community get over its “not invented here” ideology which has often hindered its ability to adopt technological improvements from outside sources? I keep saying to myself, I hope so. But recent events have shown me that we have a long way to go until we become a culture of inclusion and not of exclusion and isolationism…”
  • Development of Automatix has been discontinued - From the founder of AX, “Ubuntu as a distro has been faulty by design from the start. It was always a mediocre Debian fork…it failed to deliver in terms of public anticipation. Automatix was the one of the biggest reasons…why Ubuntu succeeded in its second and third years as a distribution…Folks like Matthew Garrett do not understand DPKG well enough to understand that Automatix was NEVER a replacement for dpkg, or apt or synaptic (do not read Add-Remove which is an extremely poor implementation in itself). We made Automatix and we made Ubuntu as popular as it is today [my emphasis]. If someone wants a more technical discussion, feel free to write. If I read the kind of trollish crap that Matthew Garrett wrote, I will not bother to reply. I do not have time for beginners and learners who try to sound important.” WOW. Matthew pipes in on the thread.

edit: seems to be down. Here is an image of the post:

edit part II: is back up.

Links for May 8th, 2008

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Links for April 29th, 2008

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Links for April 28th, 2008

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Links for April 23rd, 2008

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  • FOSSwire » Ubuntu Cheat Sheet - Command line cheat sheet for controlling common apps and utilities.
  • Ubuntu man Shuttleworth dissects Hardy Heron’s arrival | The Register - “We would be quite willing to revisit the elements of our release schedule in order to make that synchronicity possible, if the fact that we happen to do April and October wouldn’t work for the majority of the distros. We would be flexible in that regard…” Martin Owens, the Ubuntu Massachusetts LoCo leader also pipes in and discusses issues with PulseAudio and bug reports. He also asks if Canonical’s focus on virtualization and support for enterprise solutions is moving away from goals of pushing Ubuntu into the mainstream.
  • Ubuntu’s Hardy Heron is here | The Pervasive Datacenter - CNET Blogs - “Canonical says that they have relationships with more than 30 PC manufacturers (many of them regional) as well as dozens of commercial ISVs, Open Source and otherwise (IBM Lotus Notes, Parallels, VMware, Alfresco, Zimbra, etc.)…”
  • Hardy Heron reflects Ubuntu Linux ambitions - “The desktop contributes more to Canonical’s bottom line than the server…The server business is still Canonical’s primary focus for support revenue. But the company has been getting paid for desktop and consumer-electronics work…”

Links for April 21st, 2008

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  • BBC NEWS | Technology | Ubuntu ‘reaping Linux dividend’ - “There are other versions of Linux that are better for a particular purpose - but Ubuntu strives to be a general platform that is secure and self-maintained…”
  • Ubuntu Linux takes on enterprise server market with new OS - “So now that Ubuntu has an enterprise-ready server operating system, will the company begin following the model of other Linux vendors, such as Red Hat Inc., and create an offering for enterprise applications as well?”
  • Atheros hires ath5k developer - Maybe there will be native wifi drivers for the Asus Eee soon. “Luis R. Rodriguez has been hired by Atheros to to get every device of Atheros supported upstream in the Linux kernel…”
  • IMHO: Ray Ozzie “Gets” Open Source - O’Reilly ONLamp Blog - “But the bottom line is we believe very much in the quality of Microsoft products. We are an IP-based business. But we live in a world together with Open Source, and we have to make it possible for you to build solutions and for customers to build solution…”
  • BBC NEWS | | A blog about technology from BBC News | Is it lift off for Linux? - “[Mark Shuttleworth's] main point was that Linux, and use of Ubuntu, was on the rise. He also had lots of interesting things to say about open source more broadly, the Microsoft-Yahoo deal etc, which I thought I’d detail here as a Q&A…”
  • An Apple User Tries Ubuntu - “I never thought I’d say this, but the command line is a plus, not a minus. Personally I’d never want to use it – all my passwords are enough memorization – but I see it as a valuable tool for power users…”
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