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Interesting Atlanta Housing Market

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The site has a couple of interesting articles: Top 10 cities: Where to buy now and Top 10 foreclosure markets.

Interestingly, Atlanta is on both lists. Some of the folks who have been commuting from the boonies are looking to move back into the city and driving up prices in certain neighborhoods. With the city expecting 500,000 more people over the next five years, the ‘burbs are also going to see greater demand, so the whole metro area should see a decent boost in home prices.

People like to show off in Atlanta. From all the luxury cars and McMansions, a lot of folks got roped into ARMs they can’t afford anymore. With GM closing down a couple of plants and Delta seemingly going belly up every other day, there are plenty of opportunities for real estate flippers.

Too bad I have no extra cash lying around to take advantage of this.

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