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Ubuntu Georgia US LoCo Logo

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It slipped my mind, but there was recently a poll to select a logo for the Ubuntu Georgia US Team. Here were the candidates:










(3) was the winner. The poll can be seen here. Congrats to Justin for making the winning logo!

First Month of Ubuntu Georgia Team

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I’ve been helping get the Ubuntu Georgia LoCo off the ground. Its been a month since we’ve put some time and resources into getting it organized. In one month, we’ve gotten our own forum, an irc channel, a mailing list, and wiki page up. We’ve contacted some the LUGs around the state to let them now about us. We ordered a lot of Live CDs that we can pass out too. Working on a logo as well. So far, we have 15 registered Georgia users. Not bad for a month of work.

With Feisty coming out in a few weeks, hopefully we can do an installfest soon.

The next step is probably doing presentations to LUGs and introducing ourselves to some businesses and educational institutions around the state.

Quite a few of us hang out in IRC, so join us if you get a chance.

IRC: #ubuntu-georgia @
Mailing list:

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