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Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #37 and Open Week

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UWN #37 is out. There is a good overview of the Ubuntu 7.04 press coverage. It was mostly positive, reporters liking all the simplicity and bling. Sun including a full Java stack was a huge deal. Some say its all downhill for Java, but I wonder if this will have any impact.

Also, I meant to mention this before, but Canonical is running the Ubuntu Open Week right now. Basically, it’s a way for people to get a good look at the diverse Ubuntu community. New users can find out more about Ubuntu or how to join a LoCo; non-technical folks can find out how to help out, like translating documentation, market Ubuntu, etc; and tech-savvy folks can help out triaging bugs or maintaining applications.

You can read a bit more at Tony Yarusso or Melissa Draper’s blog.

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