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Links for April 4th, 2007

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  • Speech by NASA Administrator Michael Griffin: Real Reasons and Acceptable Reasons - “I don’t know that one could say that folks like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson led balanced lives. Any rational cost/benefit analysis would tell you to stay out of a quarrel with the mother country, and let other people deal with it! Who today would talk about pledging their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to a cause?” - (tags: [tag]philosophy[/tag])
  • People have no idea why they’re doing what they’re doing - (37signals) - Clotaire Rapaille believes all purchasing decisions lie beyond conscious thinking and emotion and reside at a primal core. He helps Fortune 500 companies discover the code (i.e. unconscious associations for their products) that will help them increase sales. - (tags: [tag]business[/tag] [tag]psychology[/tag])
  • Because buying new running shoes is more fun than actually running | 43 Folders - “there’s a big difference between buying new running shoes and actually hitting the road every morning. Big difference. One is really fun and relaxing while the other requires a lot of hard work, diligence, and sacrifice.” - (tags: [tag]philosophy[/tag])
  • All the glory of the universe, in a single Flash app - A Nikon flash app that shows how tiny humans are in terms of the universe. - (tags: [tag]philosophy[/tag])
  • Web 2.0 mind-map - A very impressive mind-map of everything important in web 2.0. - (tags: [tag]web[/tag])
  • Adobe: Google’s Best Kept Secret Enemy « Tom?s Blog - “Whose version will Java developers buy? I don’t know, but whoever wins this battle will pull ahead in the enterprise space as all the Java-heads will preach that technology solution to those who sign their paychecks.” - (tags: [tag]web[/tag] [tag]software[/tag])
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