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What Cigar Are You Smoking Today?

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Its been a while since I’ve posted about cigars, so I thought it might be interesting to discuss my latest adventures.

I enjoy the full-bodied cigars, I’m talking along the lines of the Ashton VSGs. Is it just me or do the bigger sizes not have the same taste and flavor of the smaller ones? IMO, the Ashton VSG Illusion is the value in the market. The Padron Serie 1926 might be a better cigar, but its too expensive to enjoy on a regular basis.

Anything made in Nicaragua is right up my alley. For a while, I was enjoying the Tatuaje Havana line, but it seems like the quality went down the tubes over the last few months. But the regular Tatuaje (brown bands) ones seem to be going strong. Similarly, the La Gloria Cubana Serie R line went through some bad times for a while. Having tried the Serie R from several different stores, the burn was never right. Still, recently they seem to have gotten a lot better. Excellent burn and nice ash.

The JDNA machitos are my regular everyday cigars. TNTCigar sells an alternative that doesn’t have quite the same profile, but comes close. The TNT alternatives are bundle cigars, but they are definitely worth trying out if you are looking to save some money.

Holy Trinity: Coffee, Cigars, and Moleskine

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Coffee, Cigar, and Moleskine

A perfect day: A strong cup (or two) of coffee, a strong cigar, and dumping all the crud in my head onto my Moleskine pocket notebook.

Zippo Spectrum with Z-Plus Insert

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As a cigar smoker, I have gone through plenty of useless lighters. I’ve bought expensive ones, cheap ones, but they never last for long. Everyone knows how cool Zippo lighters are, but no one should ever use a regular lighter on a cigar! The lighter fluid will completely overwhelm the taste and flavors and it takes out all the enjoyment of a stogie.

Recently, I came across the Z-Plus torch insert over at Basically, the guts of the Zippo are replaced so that it can take in regular butane, so you end up with a Zippo that can be used on cigars. Perfect.

Since I’ve been hankering for a Zippo, I went out and got the Spectrum and the Z-Plus and here is what it looks like:



Pretty snazzy if I must say so myself.

Zippo has created a new lighter just for cigars, called the Zippo Blu. Its already available in Europe and should be coming to the US at the end of the summer. Read more about it at Cigar Aficionado.

NYC Cigar Prices

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Ouch. Thats all I can say.

So we are walking through Little Italy Saturday night. I’ve been thinking about getting a cigar, but wondering where to smoke it because of all the stringent tobacco laws in NYC. As we are walking along Mulberry St., I see a cigar store. I get excited and walk in. Pretty small selection, but I see some La Gloria Cubanas.

Prices? For a Series R #4, $11.35.


Yeah, its probably a combination of the high tax rate and some gouging, but thats just insane!

Decided to get a couple either way, you need a good cigar to celebrate the holidays.

But I’m making a pit stop at the JR Cigar store today and see if its any better.

My Current Favorite Cigar

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JDNA.jpg For the last year, my favorite cigar has been the Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Machito. Its a strong full-flavored cigar that should require a surgeon general warning: Eat Before Enjoying! But its small enough at 4.75 x 42 for a 30 minutes break anytime.

I try to mix up what I smoke so I don’t get tired of any one cigar, but lately the Antaño Machito has been boring. I’m wondering if I’ve smoked too many and its warped my taste buds. I’ve been thinking about giving Antaño’s cousin a try, the Celebracion. Keepers of the Flame has a pretty good review of it. The 3/06 issue of SMOKE Magazine has an article about how a lot of manufacturers of strong cigars have come out with milder versions, like the Rocky Patel Edge Lite (was the Edge that strong in the first place?) and Celebracion. Check out the issue because the article isn’t on the website.

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