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Go Scarlet Knights!

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Rutgers beat a very good Louisville team Thursday night, 28-25. The Rutgers D shut out the Cardinals explosive offense in the second half. Rutgers doesn’t have a realistic shot of making it to the national championship game since they haven’t played a tough schedule, but they have a chance to go to a big money bowl game if they end the season undefeated.

Rutgers has an interesting history. They played in the first collegiate football game. They haven’t beaten a ranked team since 1988 and have never beaten a team as highly ranked as Louisville.

And James Gandolfini is their most famous alum. What else do you need to know anyway?

There is a good chance that Rutgers and Georgia Tech, my alma mater, could meet in the Orange Bowl. Honestly, I’m not wild about that. Rutgers is the feel-good story of the year (deservedly) and everyone would be rooting for them against Tech. Not kosher.

Still, its hard not to be impressed by the Scarlet Knights players tonight.

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