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Gurus of Comedy

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Went to see some standup at the local Punchline here in Atlanta. Tavan Trevidi was the DJ, along with Raj Sharma and Daniel Nainan, and Paul Varghese as the headliner. Definitely check out the Gurus of Comedy tour if it rolls by somewhere close to you.

The crowd was mostly Indian and the acts were definitely geared towards it. Towards the end of Paul’s routine, someone from the crowd sent up a beer. Paul accepted and asked who it was from. A guy yelled some company name. Funny ass time to promote something like that and Paul handled it pretty well.

Raj was a bit hard to hear at times…he mumbled a bit…I’m going to try to catch Daniel again, dude should headline himself.

AVS (Asian Variety Show) did a feature on them last week and showed a lot of their routine… so don’t watch AVS if you are gonna catch the act.

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