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Oh You LolCats!

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I admit it, I don’t understand my fascination with Lolcats.

I Can Has Cheezburger? is my browser homepage.

I might not be the only one suffering from this affliction, but its still pretty scary. But you can’t tell me stuff like this doesn’t make you crack up!

Yellow Jackets Nest

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How appropriate.

We have some visitors on our deck:

Yellow Jackets Nest

Yellow Jackets Nest

Yellow Jackets Nest

Furries vs Klingons

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Found at BoingBoing:

Furries vs Klingons

Meerkat Manor Ads

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Yes, if you haven’t seen my previous Meerkat Manor post, I am a bit addicted. Either way, watch these promos for the third season of Meerkat Manor (which has already started). They are short and include Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears:

Fun Internet Connectivity Issues

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Last night, my Internet connection got very choppy. I couldn’t pull up any sites in the browser and couldn’t ping any IPs at all. Stuff happens, so I went to sleep thinking that it would probably be fixed this morning.

Around 11am this morning, I notice that the lights are all solid green. So I try to pull up some sites in the browser, and I keep getting sent to a static “Welcome to Comcast…” page. Calling the Comcast support line, a customer support rep tells me that they need to reprovision some of the cable modems and that my service should be back up in an hour or two, but definitely by 2pm.

Being one of those people who can’t seem to live without the Internet, I call Comcast back around 2:30pm when I’m still getting the same static page.

This time a different rep tells me that the first rep was wrong, and it could take about 6 hours, so I should have service back by 5pm. Ok, again I think, stuff happens, who knows.

While knowing that the front-line tech support does not always know what is really happening in the field, I ask the rep what the problem was. He told me (and I assume with a straight face), that I hadn’t logged into my email account for a long time and it probably triggered a security issue.

Yes, that obviously must be the problem.

Update: After being down for more than 24 hours, my Comcast service is back up. The last tech support rep I talked to said that Comcast does indeed check email logins as a security measure, but that wasn’t related to my issue. There was some kind of upgrade around the Atlanta area that required my cable modem to be provisioned again. On the upside, my speeds do seem better than before.

Random Links for March 30th, 2007

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A company looking to hire someone with Internet experience dumps candidates with Hotmail email addresses because “you can’t pretend being an internet expert and use a Hotmail account at the same time“. Wow. (via bb)

Random links for March 29th, 2007

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Sandal-flask (great for sneaking in booze to college football games)

Flask in a sandal


OMG…Mudflap man


The design strategically maneuvers within the highly regulated building environment to maximize the full potential of the site: Four individual apartment towers are vertically offset from one another and suspended from a central core.


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