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NYC Cigar Prices

cigars — Tags: , , — boredandblogging @ 3:53 pm

Ouch. Thats all I can say.

So we are walking through Little Italy Saturday night. I’ve been thinking about getting a cigar, but wondering where to smoke it because of all the stringent tobacco laws in NYC. As we are walking along Mulberry St., I see a cigar store. I get excited and walk in. Pretty small selection, but I see some La Gloria Cubanas.

Prices? For a Series R #4, $11.35.


Yeah, its probably a combination of the high tax rate and some gouging, but thats just insane!

Decided to get a couple either way, you need a good cigar to celebrate the holidays.

But I’m making a pit stop at the JR Cigar store today and see if its any better.

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